STEP webinar Italy


10 November 2021


14:00 - 16:00 CET


Online event


The European Money Markets Institute (EMMI), promoter of the Short-Term European Paper (STEP) Label for commercial paper, in partnership with ABI (L’Associazione bancaria italiana) and Assiom Forex (L’Associazione oparatori dei mercati finanziari), have the pleasure of inviting you to this webinar.

STEP is of particular relevance for the Italian market, as Italian banks are now allowed to issue commercial paper following the regulatory change introduced by the "Decreto Rilancio". During the webinar, The European Money Markets Institute will explain the concept behind STEP, its main advantages for issuers of commercial paper and for investors, and the practicalities to get the label. Several participants active on the Italian market will also share their experience with STEP, from the perspective of the Italian domestic market for commercial paper. They will:

  • Discuss the recent change in the regulation ruling the issuance of commercial paper in Italy and the practical consequences for Italian banks
  • Share insights on the potential of commercial paper in Italy
  • Elaborate on their role in dealing with the STEP Label: issuer, dealer, Securities Settlement System, arranger of commercial paper programmes, lawyer, etc.

The last part of the event will be a questions & answers session.

The event will be held in Italian and partly in English.