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Whistleblowing alerts and claims may be reported anonymously. If the whistleblower identity and contact details are not know, The European Money Markets Institute may not have all information to conduct proper investigation and will not be able to inform the whistleblower of resolution actions taken by The European Money Markets Institute.

Should the whistleblower disclose his/her identity but require anonymity, his/her identity, as well as any element of the claim that may lead to their identification, will be kept confidential throughout all stages of the process.

In particular, their identity will not be disclosed to third parties, the person(s) addressed by the Whistleblowing claim or alert, or other employees unless The European Money Markets Institute is obliged to disclosure his/her identity in the event of any subsequent judicial proceedings or in case of an investigation by the regulatory and supervisory agencies.

In the event that the identity of the individual making the alert or claim needs to be disclosed, The European Money Markets Institute will notify the individual in advance.

Details of whistleblowing alert or claim*

Please indicate here a description of the whistleblowing alert or claim, including details of your concern, when concern arose, and who is involved (as appropriate).

You may also add an attachment if deemed necessary to provide supplementary information.

If you need to send more than 1 attachment with your complaint, please notify it to us in the Comments section.