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Membership and Chair


The members of the EMMEC are national associations of money market professionals in Europe, represented by their appointed delegates , with expertise in the secured and unsecured short-term markets.

Each national association may:

  • Submit their application for membership. It will be analysed and voted by the then current EMMEC members. Alternatively, non-member national associations can be invited to join the EMMEC by means of an official invitation by the Chair of the EMMEC, after an agreement – taken at the simple majority – of the then current EMMEC members
  • Upon approval of their request, appoint 2 representatives to attend the meetings or conference calls of the EMMEC. Each representative may also designate 1 alternate.


The EMMEC is chaired by a representative from one of the national associations of money market professionals in Europe. The Chair is appointed by the members for a mandate of 2 years, which can be renewed once. The Chair may designate 1 alternate.